Children are a gift to us from God.  And God has given to parents the responsibility of teaching their children what He has revealed to us in His Word, the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation {Deuteronomy 6:4-9}.


It is our role as the church, to come along side the parents of our church, to help with solid, loving, biblical teaching of God’s Word.  We take this responsibility seriously.





Each Lord’s Day we have Sunday school classes that faithfully teach God’s Word using Biblical curriculum taught by faithful and knowledgeable teachers.  We also believe that children should be a part of the worship of God and so we include them in our Sunday services while also providing nursery care for children age 3 and under.  Furthermore, to help parents who may have to take children out of the worship service at times, we have set aside a room where the service can be viewed on a TV monitor.



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