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Ongoing Matters of Prayer

John 17:6-26

A Guide to Help You in Your Personal Prayers, Family Worship,
and in Church Prayer meetings

1. Like Jesus, Give an unembarrassed priority to praying for professed Christian disciples.

2. Like Jesus, Pray that the very life of God will be worked out in professed Christian disciples.

3. Like Jesus, Pray that professed Christian disciples will be kept IN the name of God, and OUT OF the power of the Devil.

4. Like Jesus, Pray that professed Christian disciples will be made holy by the Word of God.

5. Like Jesus, Pray that professed Christian disciples might know the true joy of faithfully following Jesus.

6. Like Jesus, Pray that nothing less than the glory of Heaven itself would be displayed on earth in and through professed Christian disciples (and that the world will believe in the true and living God as a result.)

7. Like Jesus, Pray that this glory will be culminated in an eternity with God and with His glorified people.

Please continue to bring the following before the Lord in Prayer:

1. Sustaining grace for the Elders & Deacons in tending to the needs of a growing congregation.

2. Continued blessings on our Pastor Bill Shishko

3. Pray for the integration of our Spanish speaking congregation members.

4. Continued Fruitful response to the growing Tape, CD, & ministry of distributing God-glorifying sermons & lessons.

5. That the Lord will prosper all of the community outreach projects underway.

6. That the Lord will continue to make known the best ways to shine the Light of the Gospel throughout the New York Metropolitan area.


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